Global Air Cargo

We have over 6000 metres of working Global Air Cargo storage in Manchester coupled with both open and covered storage. Within this area we receive, handle, load and discharge all types of cargo.

This we do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are always on call. From loading or discharging your vessels, through to a more sophisticated warehousing and distribution system with bar coded stock control, we are confident we can handle all your requirements.

AFF also provides a service it calls "Cargo Load Engineering" for shippers looking to minimize handling of large pieces of machinery. This service is provided principally for the benefit of shippers, yet forwarders and air-carriers contract this service from us. The objective is that AFF and Shippers together discuss what items need to be removed from an assembled piece of machinery, which will allow it to fit inside an aircraft. This practice reduces the amount of disassembly required from the shipper and re-assembly needed when reaching the consignee.

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