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Many "Air-cargo Consultants" specialize in areas related to marketing and sales development. There are very few Consultants that have the ability to look objectively at the technical applications existing within all cargo operations, and then have knowledge and experience to develop innovative ideas for improvement. AFF specializes in all operational and technical handling areas associated with the air-cargo service industry. AFF is globally recognized for its industry analysis and progressive developmental vision.

AFF specializes in air-cargo operational development and provides technical consulting and analysis services directly related to cargo operations and handling.

AFF would like to create a large network of air-cargo technical developers globally, so that it could try to meet the air-cargo industry operational demands, needed to be filled in the very near future.

The growth in operational and technical air-cargo consulting is already being recognized within the air-cargo industry. The projection of the Air Forwarders Association indicates that presently only 7% of it's member forwarders presently bar-code, has indicated that 54% will have that ability by the year 2000. Therefore, 47% of these forwarders will need to purchase equipment and then develop a means to integrate bar-code technology into their operation. Add to this the need for a constant evaluation of processes to make sure the system continues to be efficient, reflects a need for continued maintenance and evaluation, after the initial system is completed. When taken into account that these forwarders represent just one industry segment, there is a strong indication that the market potential is ripe for industry specific, technology solutions.

The air-cargo industry has always been reluctant to view technology solutions because technology still is considered uncharted territory. There had been no one within the industry having the ability to understand all sides of air-cargo handling that could view technology and determine how it could be applied. That is until now. Even with the growth of Information Technology departments and specialist, very few have a diversified air-cargo services operational background as we do at CSTA.

We provide air freight forwarding services by road, sea and air. A professional, cost-effective and personal service with over 20 years' experience in UK and worldwide import and export.

We are expert air cargo handlers and stevedores handling all types of import and export commodities. We specialise in heavy lifts and Project Cargo, together with timber, steel products and paper distribution UK wide.

We are situated in the heart of the port, close to our operational base, from where we control the loading and discharge of a wide range of cargoes.

Big improvements in the road network over the last few years mean we are very well placed to serve thewhole of the UK. Put this together with our location on the East Coast of the UK and our closeness to mainland Europe, we offer the ideal gateway for many types of cargo.

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